Friday, March 28, 2014

A long days night via Werdsmith

I was up all night in the can. Call it what you will but last night my relationship with it became inhuman.

I'd be running down and think I was finished and come back to bed and a second later back running down.

I was exhausted.

I had a rice heating pad on me and took a Xanax to relax because I was in so much pain. A pack of Pampers wouldn't have hurt either!

Just sayin.

Scott was up and down with me. At first I was sick from dumping syndrome when I ate some birthday cake. That means what's in your stomach jets into your rerouted guts super fast and take it from me, gastric bypassed guts don't like sugar straight from the source.

I thought THAT would make me die. My pulse was unbelievably high and I even nearly yakked.

Next thing I know, THATS over and my guts are swelled out like I'm about to have a small litter of Great Danes! I thought I'd die. I couldn't even sit up on the toilet!

I applied some heat and settled in for nearly 7 solid hours of shuttling between bed and the loo.

I put warm therabeads (a kind of eye compress) on my eyes and slept all morning, got up and the slept all afternoon. I still felt like I wanted to die.

I even bargained with Gd that if he'd let me live, I'd give up cake forever! I later had a small piece of dark sea salt caramel chocolate to cheer up my mouth and I am sure I heard Gd snicker as I went into dumping syndrome again.

Really Gd?

After Scott came home, he took me to Med Express. I heart them. I was diagnosed with a gastro virus, topped off with a bag of saline and a hit if anti nausea meds and off I toddled.

Scott made it home for the basketball festivities of the Sweet Sixteen!

The only downer was that my insurance only allows me 6 scripts per month and I couldn't get the meds they prescribed (poverty sucks!). I have some nausea meds left from the after effects of the lumbar puncture and I'll survive on Imodium I'm sure.

I am slowly proving that I am a science project for sure!

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