Friday, March 21, 2014

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Wednesday I had a lumbar puncture. This is a result of "white matter abnormalities" in my brain which were seen as a result if the MRI I had to have because if weird, unidentifiable seizures I started having when I lived in Jerusalem.

Funny how getting a divorce kind of stopped the grand mal ones at least, but I digress.

Anyway. It wasn't a bad procedure. I chose not to ogle the long needle and I bent over the table instead of laying down. Well, until I broke into a hard sweat and wanted to hurl at least. Then fetal it was for me!

My doctor we shall call Dr. Awesome because he was amazing. He used the smallest sized child needle for me and while that made the collection longer, it also didn't hurt. Once we were well on our way I meditated myself into some zen happy place and seriously, I was in a zen state the whole time. It was like being in a twilight sleep.

Once it was over, I stayed fetal (with the risk of a post-procedure migraine and hurling WAY was I moving!). Scott couldn't be there so Evan was playing nurse. I was frozen so I asked him to throw my coat over me.

"No Mother, mine was on me so it's warmer!" He was right. I cuddled up, put Israeli music on the iphone and laid there like a slug for two hours.

Finally Scott came and took me home and put me in bed. I was instructed to drink caffeine to close the puncture so Starbucks it was! I felt like a sore, supine princess.

I was still sore yesterday but finally the bandaid fell off and so now I am in light activity mode and out of bed!!! I can even do some light yoga but since Shabbat starts tonight I need to thaw the challah dough, set up the cholent and defrost the chicken. And cookies! Lots of cookies and applesauce cake :-)

If I get that far I am golden.

I am even planning to go to services tonight which is a huge deal.

Stay tuned!

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  1. So I think I understand a bit better what it means to be agoraphobic (I think I have the word right)
    I am the one who contacts my friends and beggs to have coffee time. One of my closest friends always tells me how she doesn't contact anyone because of her depression. I'm ok with that. But lately I'm realizing that no one puts out any effort for me. I went to that friends house last night and she told me about her very busy social life. I went home and cried for a few hours.
    I am so done with them all. Why keep putting myself out for people who don't even think about me. Why keep offering myself when they don't even respect that.
    My eyes are swollen and the tears keep coming and I have no one to tell this to who will get it except you. I'm sorry for the brain dump.
    Today I have to go to my EA course and I don't know how I am going to enter that room or sit there with so many people. I wish it was more people so I could blend in but I just want to stay home.
    Do you ever wonder how we ended up with our lives here?

  2. Yep. I wonder a lot. Try this ...when you go, pretend you are someone else. Someone you know whom you admire who can handle this situation brilliantly. I bet you do great. That's what I used to do when I was out in the world and it worked!!!!! Let me know!


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