Sunday, March 9, 2014

Things said around my house today via Werdsmith

E: "Why am I washing these jeans if I already washed his other pair?"
M: "Because they smell and need to be disinfected. He has monkey butt."
E: "He has MONKEY BUTT?!"
Much giggling ensues.
S to M: "Given what I've heard and smelled coming out of you lately, I'd say YOU have GORILLA ASS!!"
E: falls over howling.

S to E: "get your elbow out of my crotch!"
M: O.o

M: "why is the house shaking?"
M to S who is changing upstairs: "what the hell are you doing up there?"
E: giggles uncontrollably
M to E: "quit shaking your foot."

E running downstairs after torturing S: "Psycho hose beast!"

S: What happened to my glasses. You people made me lose my glasses!"
E: "I didn't step on your glasses!"
S: "what do you think I just extracted from under your foot?"
One or the other hits the other upside the head with a newspaper.
M: "I'm going to separate you two."
S: "now you made me hit you!"
E hits him really hard with paper.
Paper sword fight erupts.

E and S: "let's get her!"
M is attacked by paper swords wielded by S and E.
Dinner is cancelled.

Created with Werdsmith.

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